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I am student of Dr.Bhatia Medical Choaching, Solapur Centre.

Sir, thankyou very much for making all complex topics of Medicine, very simple & easy to understand

I am student of DBMCI, chandigarh centre..

I attended your class and had a wonderful experience. It helped me a lot to completing important topics in stipulated time. Thanks a ton for your guidance Sir. I hope to get regular assistance.

Rupin Dang
Mobile: 9779250376

Thank you Sir for exceptional 3 days classes

It cleared lots of doubts and strengthen many concepts.

Tausif Mapara
E-mail :
Mob. : 9028881861

I am final year student from AIIMS Patna and also DBMCI. I attended your session at NMCH.

It was really nice knowing you and I honestly feel privileged and motivated after your class. And I admire you for all that you have achieved in life.

Yasin Mohamed
E-mail :
Mob. : 09102062992

Sir, I attened your Aurangabads Class.

Your lecture was one of the best and also the teaching style was awesome, simple, interesting and motivating.

Thank you Sir

Guru bramma guru vishnu, Guru devo maheshwara,
Guru shakshath tharabramma, Thasmaishree guruve namaha...

Dr.Yogesh Sanap
E-mail :
Mob. : 9404226928

I attended your Medicine classes in Aurangabad. It was an amazing experience. The topics you covered were really helpful, and cleared my doubts. Now I feel confident while dealing with complex area.

Thanks a lot Sir, for your guidance.

E-mail :

I would like to thank you Sir, as i attended your session and had astonishing experience. Also my maximum doubts are clear now. After your class, I am very confident to attempt complex topics.

Deep gratitude for your guidance and support.

Arun Yadav
E-mail :

Sir, your class was really inspiring and amazing.

Thanks a lot for your guidance.

Drvvarsha Dubey
E-mail :

Sir, your class was very nice, very productive and boosted my confidence. I would like to give maximum credit of my success to DBMCI.


Ishan Masurkar
E-mail :

Firstly, I would like to express my deep gratitude to Sir. The class, I attended; was very nice and cleared my concepts which I had since my final year.

Thank you sir for the efforts you taken

Karthik Chandra Bassetty
E-mail :

Thank you so much Sir. I loved the techenique you taught in the classes, which helped me immensely. Also through this revision will be faster and easier.

DBMCI has taught me a lot. All the teachers are very helpful.

Deep Gartitude.

Suchismita Chowdhury
E-mail :

I attended your class, and it was very nice experience. The topics which you covered such as ECG and diabetes, were awesome! I also liked your presentation and technique of clearing doubt. Your mantras of 'Smart Work' is now my mantra of Life.

Thank you for motivating me.

Yudhvir Singh
E-mail :
Mobile : 8650260501

I am student of DBMCI, Chennai. Your class was excellent. Your notes helped me to revise Medicine in two hours. Very simplified material.

Thank you Sir.

Pream Raju
E-mail :

Sir, the classes are really good and interesting. It is really amazing to see how our teachers are concerned and dedicated to give us the best possible session, out of every class.

Supriya Soy
E-mail :

DBMCI classes are really awesome and I gained better knowledge in the grey portions. Thank you for this wonderful experience. Your notes are very helpful especially for the last minute revision.

E-mail :

Thank you very much Sir for being with us at PMCH Patna, It was indeed one of best feeling in my medical college life so far; excellent teacher cum motivator. The way u simplify the things is just awesome . I have seen ur videos on Neurology too and that was brilliant.


Awaiting the classes to be conducted and Sir please do come to teach medicine in patna.

Subham Kumar
E-mail :

I am the student of DBMCI, Cuttack,Odisha . Your awesome inspiring lectures were really helpful. Thank u sir for sharing your valuable time with us . We are honoured to have a great teacher like you.

E-mail :

Sir, I am the student from DBMCI, Agartala Centre. I attened Your Medicine Classes. It was just awesome and very simplified. Thank you very much Sir.

Susmita Majumder
E-mail :

I am the student of DBMCI, Pondicherry Center. Thank you very much sir, for your guidance and support.

Abdoul Rahman
E-mail :

I am from Cuttack and attended an interactive session recently.

I must say your words inspired me and those 5 points which you stressed upon should actually be borne in every student's mind. Being a final year student I was tensed how to complete the course and get good marks. I'll be grateful to you sir for that 2hr talk as well as for teaching the Acid Base topic. I felt lucky when my name popped up in the lucky draw and you gave me the bouquet along with your precious blessings. At the end when I asked you for your Simplified Medicine book you said you'll send one so I felt grateful.

Manisha Sahoo
E-mail :

I am from Bhubaneswar. I feel deeply honored to attend your class. It was a great opportunity.

Thank you sir for lending your time and energy for motivating us all.

Manish Panigrahi
E-mail :

Sir your classes are very nice and the best Medicine class I have attended.

Thank you for you support

Akshohini Garg
E-mail :

I am very lucky and happy to share that I attended General Medicine classes by Dr Bhatia sir in Bangaluru, He is giving a best quality education for preparing various medical PG entrance examinations throughout our country(INDIA).

I am sincerely thankful.

Shambulinga Kamble
E-mail :

Your way of teaching and understanding of subject is really fantastic and the way you teach is really inspiring, you have made Medicine easy and clear!

Out of your 20 years of experience you have taught us all important aspects which we will surely help us!

Naseer A. Khan
E-mail :

After attending your classes, my outlook about pg entrance has changed a lot. Your teaching is just wonderful Sir. You make the class very interesting and pressure free.

Your method of teaching is just amazing and simplified.

Thank you so much Sir for lending your valuable time to teach us. We are really honoured to be taught by you!

Adithi Rao
E-mail :

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